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1. Terms
Visiting this web site indicates that you wholeheartedly adhere to and agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use. It indicates that you are expected to comply to all the laws and regulations. If you believe that the Terms and Conditions which are before you here do not suit you and that you do not concur with them, you are to leave this web site immediately. Trademark laws, as well as all the applicable copyright laws protect all the material that can be found on this web site to the fullest degree.

2. Use License
a. You will get a transitory license to download one copy of the material you can find on Global Cooling Radio’S web site when you visit it, and it does not matter if the material you intent to download is data, information, or any kind of software. You are to only use that material that you have downloaded for non-commercial and personal reasons as well as for transitory viewing. This clearly means that you are only being given a license for that, and that you are in no way being given a transfer of title. By this are not permitted to:
i. modify the material or alter it in any way, shape or form;
ii. make financial or other gains by using this material or displaying it publicly;
iii. attempt or succeed in decompiling the software from this web site or reverse engineer it in any way, shape or form;
iv. get rid of proprietary or copyright notions from these materials; or
v. move the materials to another server or web site or give them to another individual.
b. In case you go against any of these conditions, you will immediately lose the license that you have been given earlier, and you will be a target of termination by Global Cooling Radio at any time. If you lose this license, you will need to destroy all the copies of the files that you have downloaded and that you have in your possession, without worrying if they are in electronic or printed form.

3. Disclaimer
The material from the Global Cooling Radio’s web site always comes with no warranties by Global Cooling Radio. This clearly indicates that Global Cooling Radio will not be accountable for the state of the material from their web site. In addition, Global Cooling Radio has never stated that the material on Global Cooling Radio’s web site is completely accurate. Likewise, Global Cooling Radio will never guarantee for the material from on other web sites linked to this web site.

4. Limitations
Global Cooling Radio will not be accountable for any harm or damage that might happen because of the user’s unfitness to use the materials from Global Cooling Radio’s web site. The suppliers of Global Cooling Radio will also never be held accountable. Even if it happens that a user has officially notified the Global Cooling Radio of such damage or of the possibility of such damage occurring, Global Cooling Radio won’t be held responsible. There are some jurisdictions that do not permit limitations on implied warranties, or limitations of legal responsibility for consequential or incidental damages, and that is why these limitations may not apply to you.

5. Revisions and Errata
Some of the material that can be found on Global Cooling Radio’s web site might contain technical, photographic, or typographical errors. Global Cooling Radio has never warranted that all of the material on their web site is completely accurate, current and fully complete. Also, this material can be altered whenever Global Cooling Radio wants to do that, without telling the users. Global Cooling Radio is not required to update the materials on their web site.

6. Links
Links to other web sites can be found on Global Cooling Radio’s web site. Global Cooling Radio is not accountable for those links, and their placement on Global Cooling Radio’s web site does not mean that this company endorses them. The users use the links at their own risk.

7. Site Terms of Use Modifications
Terms and Conditions of Use of this web site can be modified whenever the Global Cooling Radio wished to do so, and it does not have any obligation to notify the users of this. If you use this web site, then you automatically support the latest version of Terms and Conditions of Use.

8. Governing Law
Laws of the State of New York will be used in case there is any claim to this web site or Global Cooling Radio, and it does not matter if there are some conflicts of law provisions.
General Terms and Conditions applicable to Use of a Web Site.

Privacy Policy
Privacy of the visitors of this web site is truly essential to Global Cooling Radio, and because of that, this policy was developed. We are going show you its outlines, and the users will get a chance to clearly see how the information is being used, gathered, or revealed.
• The purpose of the gathering of private data shall be disclosed to the users before the gathering, or during that process.
• This private data will only be used for the purposes already specified to the user. For anything else, a consent of the user would be required, or whatever the law states.
• The private data will be in our ownership only until the purposes for which they are being collected are fulfilled.
• The private data will be collected only through legal means, and with the awareness and permission of the user, unless the law states something else.
• All the private information that are being gathered ought to be related to the purpose for the gathering, and they ought to be completely recent, complete, and accurate.
• All the collected data will be kept fully safe, which clearly indicates that it would be guarded from loss, theft, unauthorized access, modification, copying, or disclosure.
• Everything you wish to know about the collecting process and the practices that accompany it will be readily available to you.
This above you are the principles under which we do our business. They assist us in keeping this private data confidential and protected.

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