Lawsuits Claims Popular Hair Care Product Causes Hair Loss

When it comes to Personal Injury the best example is definitely the onehair-loss about WEN Hair Care products. What did happen? The customers all over the country united to claim that they suffered an extreme hair loss after using their product. Their company produced cleansing conditioner and presented it like an alternative to shampoo. They declared that product is completely safe and good for all hair types. They paid a lot for commercials and included in their campaign a lot of celebrities such as Brooke Shields, Angie Harmon or Alyssa Milano. All of them claimed that the product is completely safe and it can’t harm to our scalp.48327726.cached

But at the end most of customers, generally women, weren’t satisfied. As a matter a fact they were very terrified with fact that they started losing hair which was away beyond what had been said in the commercial. Imagine that this happened to you. What would you do? Would you be quiet and just let it to be as it is, or you will do the same like those customers in the USA? You will probably do the same.

That kind of complains are nothing new and they are very justified. They are and should be justified because we are talking about some kind of personal injury. In these cases you should complain how you can stop them producing such a bad product in purpose to protect others, as well. Suing them is your personal right. If you prove in the court that they are liable, they will have to pay you for the damage. And of course they will have to pull the product of the market.

In purpose to manage this you will have to hire a very good lawyer, because it isn’t always so easy to sue such enormous company. It has thinkstockphotos-465280909probably very well-coordinated team of lawyers that have been working for them for years. In these cases the very best advice is to find more damaged customers, collect them as much it is possible and to sue together the company. You will probably have better chances to win the case.

Author: John Holt

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